It comes to no surprise that Qatar is on the rise, and quickly becoming a tourist and business hub for many people around the globe. An aiding factor to this rise of popularity is the country playing host to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which has attracted the eyes and attention of millions across the globe.

Even on the ground, Qatar’s progress in rendering itself as the epitome of construction, tourism, culture, and sports cannot be questioned. And as we all know, that wherever such gigantic progress occurs within a country, the credit is always given to its people who reflects their ideals and morals into the mold of how a country will turn out.

This is why, we will be focusing on the people themselves, and how they go about their days for those who don’t know a great deal about the peninsula country of Qatar, but those who do speaks of it with the utmost of affection, for its year-round sunshine, safe and luxurious lifestyle and as the place that many families call home.


Many locals enjoy the simplicity and culture that their country provides; which why a large number of locals will advise any tourist to the Museum of Islamic Art when first asked. Not only is this the most interesting museum in the city, but it’s also a local favorite vantage point for a photograph.

Locals often grab an ice cream at the cafe at the pinnacle of the MIA Park, where the views of the skyline from across the Gulf are unparalleled. They’ll then watch dhows (traditional boats) nipping in and out of the harbor from comfy seats, staying put until the sun starts to dip, witnessing the most spectacular of Arabian sunsets.


Qatar’s man-made The Pearl Island has drawn many curious eyes to the nation’s capital, especially since its considered to be the epitome of luxury, real-estate exclusivity, and all-around design reminiscing that of the French Riviera; many locals flock to The Pearl, while some call it home.

There is so much to see and do here, from the semi-circular marina of yachts at Porto Arabia, to the pretty pastel houses of Qanat Quartier to the lively restaurants and cafes in Medina Centrale, to the chic designer outlets and art galleries dotted about. Handy water taxis transport you from one end of the island to the other in style, and it’s by far one of the most favorited places in the city.


There is a great love for photography instilled into Qatari locals, as many of them attempt to capture a personal perspective of how they see their own city. Pick up your phone right now, go to any social media platform and search for Qatar; more often than not the photographs you’ll bump into will tell different stories about the same city.

Since Qatari society is a tight-knit one, locals tend to communicate their stories on social media to spread the world about a recent restaurant or business opening; allowing each citizen to rush to tell their very own story of a place using their camera lens.

A little poetic once you think about it for a second.


The people of Qatar has proved time and again just how much they love the beautiful game, and established themselves as one of the giants in Asian and world football. They won the AFC Asian Cup 2019 in UAE and are currently on an unbeaten run in the World Cup Qualifiers 2022.

Their success on the pitch is a fair reflection of the passion that the Qataris bear for the game. Football is an indispensable part of their lives and is deeply ingrained in their culture, since numerous renowned football academies have opened in gulf state.


Qataris are known to love their culture, and even more so their traditions, thus a typical evening for many would be heading to Souq Waqif or Souq Al Wakrah just after evening prayer for a delicious, authentically Middle Eastern bite to eat and a little shisha.

At these traditional markets, you can also find pretty fabrics and ornate trinkets, see camels and falcons up close and watch the world go by from one of the little cafes along the winding lanes.

Qatari locals have an unparalleled love and pride in how they lead their lives, continuing traditions and cultures passed down many generations, to represent their true Arabian ancestors, thus to live like a local you need to thoroughly understand the meaning behind every simple thing that they enjoy doing.

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