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Hello there,

Welcome to the launch of our new blog section. We are so excited to share with you immense and interesting facts about Qatar, hidden gems, buzzing events, cultural news, local traditions and festivities that this great nation holds.

The amount of ideas, how-to’s, and inspiration whirling around in our heads are ready to jump out!


We will keep you up-to-date on what’s happening in Qatar and how you can maximize the value of your visit, but get ready because you will also be seeing customer service and hospitality based topics discussed. Let us not forget that we will be creating a mélange of lifestyle, and some self-help content to be published.

We, at The Town Hotel, hope to inspire you to unlimited ends, as you all inspire us to constantly present you with the very best customer service experience imaginable.

That’s enough from us for now, check back here in the upcoming days so we may begin our journey of discovery into the wonders of Qatar, together.

For the time being make sure to follow us on our various social media accounts, to stay on top of what’s to come.


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Gentle reminder

Following the country’s gradual lifting of restrictions, the hotel swimming pool will remain closed until further notice.

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